The themes below are a sampling of the topics on which I can provide a variety of services. Scroll down to see these services. 
  • What Does “Tech Integration” Actually Mean? With technology infused in almost everything teachers do, tech integration has really just become how educators teach. So how do educators teach now that they have so many tools at our fingertips? I can provide practical ways that educators can teach with technology, no matter what kind of access they have, while also keeping good instruction in the forefront.


  • Living in the Digital World We live in two worlds these days, one digital, and one analog. Sometimes these worlds overlap, and sometimes it doesn’t. What does it mean to have two identities, and how are educators guiding young people through these digital platforms and the identities they take on there?


  •  Protecting Student Privacy With technology so infused into teaching, educators are often trying new tools with their students and having their students upload content online. However, educators are not being trained on how to know what happens to their students’ data when using these tools and how to manage their students’ privacy. This includes sharing student work and images publicly. Educators need a toolkit to help them navigate these issues, especially if they do not have guidance from their school or district. I can provide this toolkit.


  • Media Literacy 101 As it becomes easier and easier to create content and put it up online, students and teachers are finding it harder and harder to sift through the noise to find the information that is reliable and relevant. Students need direct instruction of media and information literacy skills embedded into the curriculum on a regular basis. I can model activities, and provide a framework for how to incorporate these skills into existing curriculum as well as provide a foundation for why media literacy matters and why it’s not just the librarian’s job to teach it.


I have nearly a decade of experience planning and running workshops for educators as well as meetup events for the Edtech community. In addition to the topics above, I can provide experienced advice and workshops around digital literacy, media literacy, social media, online privacy, technology integration in the classroom, and device deployment (with a focus on Chromebooks).


I have extensive experience running and participating in webinars. This is a great way for me to provide professional development to staff in a timely way that can be archived for later viewing. I am also available for virtual consulting sessions around professional development planning or curricular planning needs.


I can provide keynotes tailored to a specific audience or a general audience around the topics listed above.

Experiential Learning

- build out internship & service learning programs -
- incorporate academics and purpose-driven curriculum into out of school experiences -