The Welcome Ceremony

So, Day 2 is over and now I’m sitting in the “Blogger’s Cafe” trying to piece together the events of yesterday. I got into the Convention Center after having a wonderful brunch with a friend around 1:30pm. Just enough time to get seated for the Welcome Ceremony.

The ceremony had a Movie Awards theme, with Mario Armstrong (the MC/host) dressed as Darth Vader and moving around on what looked like a segway. The Star Wars theme continued throughout the ceremony.

The Technology Museum

Then it was time to visit the historical timeline of technology relics. Even at my young age, I remember most of them!

I actually have the iPod underneath at my house and I think it still works! I didn’t realize that iPods came out in 2000. They have really evolved over the last 7 years!

This is the computer I learned on in elementary school!

I never used this, but it’s an Atari something or other. We had Atari in my house in the early 80’s.

After checking out the ‘museum,’ it was time to meet up with some Philly friends. We attended the Keynote together, which be my next post.

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