Momentum is picking up fast here in Philadelphia for an ‘unconference’ like no other: edcamp Philly!

When: Saturday, May 22nd

Where: Drexel University

What: An unconference of sessions run by attendees focused around education issues, methodology, best practices and exciting projects.

Cost: free!

This exciting day was inspired by a trip to BarCamp Philly that I blogged about here. Myself and the other organizers of edcamp had never met face to face before, but we decided to hash out a session called “The Social Media Survival Guide for Schools.”  It was so fun and exciting that we felt that teachers would benefit greatly from the experience.

Thus was born edcamp Philly.

So what is an ‘unconference?’ It means that the day’s sessions aren’t predetermined–attendees sign up to run them at registration time–it means that attendees run sessions and attend them as well. It means that you can ‘vote with your feet’–if you don’t like a session, you can find a different one to go to. It means there’s no corporate sponsor booths or vendors, it means that impromptu discussions are everywhere and are highly encouraged.

For more information about edcamp or to register, check out the website:

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