If you are a teacher, parent or anyone invested in education in the Philadelphia area, I want to introduce to THE source of information for what’s going on in public schools in Philadelphia.

The Philadelphia Public School Notebook is “a nonprofit news service serving thousands of supporters of the Philadelphia public schools. The Notebook serves as an information source and voice for parents, students, teachers, and other members of the community who are working for quality and equality in Philadelphia’s public schools.” (from their website)

There you can find blog posts, editorials, news stories and resources for parents, teachers and community members. It is updated almost daily.  If anything, you can learn from reading the comments on many of the articles. The Notebook is tuned into the heartbeat of the public school system and its readers are real people who reflect the community at large.

Even if you’re not a Philadelphia teacher, parent or community member, it is worth a look.

You can also follow them on Facebook, where they often post current stories.

Disclaimer: I am listed on their blogroll. I do not receive any kind of promotion or compensation for appearing there. I am promoting them based solely on the resources and dialogue they provide to the community.

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