In a little under 2 weeks I will be attending ntcamp 2010 in Philadelphia. What is ‘ntcamp’ you ask?

 Here’s the run down:

  • an unconference modeled after edcamp and barcamp 
  • a day of conversation based around topics relevant for new teachers (ntcamp!)
  • a day of participant-run sessions

I was an organizer of the inaugural edcamp unconference here in Philly and I have been ecstatic watching them spread all over the country. I am even more excited to have the first edcamp for new teachers to be held here in Philadelphia!

Why should I attend ntcamp?

As a true unconference, ntcamp is FREE. It is free from vendors. It is free from death by PowerPoint. Best of all, it is free of charge.  Sessions are scheduled the morning of the conference by the attendees themselves. If a session doesn’t live up to your expectations or you are free to ‘vote with your feet’ and choose a different session. Sessions are informal and are a great way to meet other educators with a passion for what they do.  Often, conversations extend past the session’s time limit into the hallways or lunch.

Who should attend ntcamp?

As the name suggests, ntcamp is geared toward new teachers.  However, there really is no limit to who can and can’t attend. Anyone who is invested in education is welcome.  Ideally, a veteran teacher would be able to bring a new teacher with him or her to experience the varied discussions and resources shared.

How can I register?

You can register at TicketLeap.

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