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I had a recent epiphany that I am, technically speaking, a Yuppie (young, urban professional). I’ve always used the term to describe office/corporate types in suits who drive nice cars. But when I think about it, I am a young, urban professional. I might not wear a suit to work and I might not work in an office, but I have a business card, I live in the city and I am a professional.

This realization is an important one. I think more teachers need to consider themselves as working professionals. For some reason we tend to separate ourselves from professionals who work in offices or work in the business sector, yet most of us are just as or more educated than our corporate peers and we are skilled at what we do.

I once pulled a business card out to give to someone I had met and they were amazed that a teacher had a business card. We need to change the perception that we are any different than those who work in the business world. We network, we attend conferences, we have performance reviews and we had to work hard to get where we are.

I’m a yuppie and I’ve come to terms with it. Can you?


  1. Chad L.


    You make an good point. I don't think we (or the outside public) think of ourselves as professionals. I believe part of that is because taxpayers are the ones paying our salary. They feel they have some sort of control over us, which perhaps diminishes the sense that we are professionals. I have business cards but rarely use them. Want one?

  2. Reply

    We'll have to trade cards soon 😉 \\

    Interesting point that taxpayers are paying my salary. That means I'm paying myself! There's gotta be a better way to fund education.

  3. Terri


    I miss that part of England. I felt parents and the community did think of us as professionals. You have inspired me to get some business cards!

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