Last year I attended the Magic Gardens’ Teacher Night and had a blast. If you have never visited the Magic Gardens (1020 South St in Philadelphia) then you have missed out on a Philly masterpiece. The great thing about the Gardens is that they are not only a beautiful attraction, but they also provide educational opportunities and events for the community.




I have seen my friend’s band play bluegrass in their basement space twice. The whole space is mosaic-ed from floor to ceiling.






I have also had the chance to tour the outside gardens. Imagine walking through a space covered 360 degrees in mosaic.

You can check out this amazing FREE opportunity on Friday, September 23rd at the Magic Gardens, 1020 South St, Philadelphia. The 2011 Back to School Ball will feature tours of PMG, hands-on art activities, PMG lesson plans, music, refreshments, raffle prizes and more! To reserve your spot to this free event please email Kay or call 215-733-0390. Visit the Gardens’ For Teachers section for more opportunities for educators.

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