Many people argue that all of the stress on high stakes testing has taken the fun out of learning. Not anymore!

So what if fun can’t be tested…we can still make sure our kids are having fun with this handy Fun Rubric. Through this simple assessment, you can be guaranteed to know whether your students are laughing, smiling and enjoying your classroom at proficient levels.

Thanks to Kim, Ann, Kristen, and Dan for the inspiration for a chuckle!


  1. Michelle


    I L.O.V.E. this rubric. What fun! Something to keep in mind when we are stressing out about *the test*!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Reply

    Hah! So much FUN! Had a great time at edcamp Harrisburg and of course in the car on the way home discussing the importance of assessing fun 🙂

  3. Kim Sivick


    Thanks for the smile, right now I’d get a score of 10/12, not bad, and yes I’m smiling (well, maybe smirking).

  4. Reply

    I know this is kind of a joke but I think there’s something to this. We all know that people learn best when we’re having a good time. Perhaps this should be an element included in all rubrics?

  5. Guy Trainin


    I love the idea but not sure about setting impossible criteria for actual laughter. As an ex high school math teacher without a serious stand up routine it would be hard. Can we legislate No Smile Left Behind?

  6. Maureen greenbaum


    Let’s add a line for the students to make others in the class smile, laugh or enjoy the learning experience.

  7. Reply

    What a great idea. I’m a huge advocate for student play – and many students don’t get enough. And, my students learn more when they are happy.

    Thanks for the new measurement tool!

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