While visiting my family in New York, my mother asked me what I would do if I wasn’t teaching. (I may not be wording the question correctly, but it was to that effect.) All I could think was that teaching is what I know how to do and it’s what I do, and I really couldn’t imagine myself doing anything outside of education.

Recently I was pondering all of the things I have done throughout my life so far. I have written poetry, painted, sculpted, done some printmaking, sung in choirs, published a yearbook and been in plays. So, logically, what I’m doing is the perfect career.

Technology allows me to problem solve and express my creativity. My publishing background has helped me create good websites, and my creative background has helped me find creative uses for the technologies that I am learning.

With my students I create videos in iMovie, songs in GarageBand and drawings using various drawing programs. These technologies allow me to tap into each of my creative outlets while also feeding my hunger for learning new things. It’s nice to realize that I’m getting paid for what comes naturally.

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