Technology and Project-Based Learning

As I think about planning for my summer lessons and begin putting together some projects I find that I keep coming up with ideas that involve technology. I know that this is not a bad thing, but I’m realizing that anyone planning a project that integrates technology requires access to technology. Perhaps I take the access I have at my school for granted. On the other hand, I can’t help but notice that most project-based learning experiences I come across involve technology in some way.

Am I Doing Project-Based Learning?

In my classroom, my students complete long-term projects that are graded using a rubric and require multiple steps. I suppose that this would be project-based learning. What I’m missing is collaboration among students. I am also missing colleague collaboration. I have not had a chance to bounce ideas off of my colleagues about what I’m doing and to get ideas for problems or humps I may come across. I am also wondering how others implement PBL in their classrooms and what they have found successful.

Does PBL work?

Supposing that I am doing PBL in my classroom, how will I know if it works? I don’t have a class of my own to monitor and as a result there are way too many variables to know if my projects help students with core content and skills. (i.e. time limits, environment, interruptions, technology skills, etc..)

Things to Think About

Perhaps for this coming year I should think about how to assess the projects I do in my classroom. This year I will use Survey Monkey to create an online survey that the students can fill out to help me know if they feel like they’re learning something.

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