Written on June 30th, the night before I left Washington, D.C.

“It may be, in the end, that a good society is defined more by how people treat strangers than by how they treat those they know.” – James Surowiecki, The Wisdom of Crowds

If this is true, then the members of the ISTE network make a wonderful society. Being here reminds me of going to a rave back in the 90’s. You meet people from all over the country who are all there for the same reason and with a similar passion. They are open, inviting and want to share their experiences and stories. The difference is, however, that instead of Ecstasy, the educators here are high on their love of teaching and learning and the thrill that it gives them.

I have had a wonderful time here. I have met some amazing teachers, movers and shakers, thinkers and people with just plain great personalities. Underlying all of this are the conversations about teaching, learning, technology, politics and such that I have had along the way.

Now reading this a week later, it still rings true. During an Elluminate session led by Steve Hargadon from Classroom 2.0 last night discussing EduBlogger Con & NECC Unplugged, I realized that I had been lucky enough to enter a community of people as passionate about collaboration and furthering their own knowledge and learning opportunities as I am. I hope to continue to learn from these amazing people!

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