My last post, Research: One of the Hardest Things You’ll Ever Do, was a reflection on a lesson with my 6th graders about evaluating sites.  I shared it with my network on Twitter and was met with some dialogue about my choice of “Is it a blog?” as an evaluation question.

Here is some of the conversation:

If I had never blogged about the experience and if I had never tweeted my blog post, I would have missed out on a concise, yet meaningful exchange that challenged me to think differently about my teaching. 
It makes me wonder: how I ever did anything on my own before!
Thanks to Bud Hunt and Tom Fullerton for pushing my thinking.

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    I am right there with you wondering what I ever did without my social media connections / iphone / Twitter / camera phone / etc. The exciting part of connecting with others is the interactions you have with people you may have never met and getting to hear about subjects from all points of view!

    Also, from someone who has had to learn the hard way how to research online, giving your students the technology and knowledge of how to do so is definitely something they will take with them throughout their lives!


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