Teaching Kids How to Validate Information on Social Media

Too often, when we teach research skills to students, we focus on articles, blogs, Wikipedia, and other resources. However, many of our students are getting their news and politics and other information through social media. We need to include analysis of social media posts and tips and tricks for validating information on social media just as we do for traditional websites.

Sometimes It Takes A Few Tries

My 6th graders are in the middle of building wikis about a topic of their choice. It has been a journey of learning how to evaluate sites, how to locate information, how to bookmark sites using Diigo and take notes with the highlighting feature. They have learned how to create a wiki and plan out…

Google Custom Search

Yesterday, I attended a Classroom 2.0 and Future of Education webinar called “Google Research and Google Web Search Curriculum,” presented by Lucy Gray, Cheryl Davis, Kathleen Ferenz and Dan Russell.  It was like a crash course in best practices for searching Google, and the session was extended by about 30 minutes to include a quick…

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