Welcome to the first installment of my blog series focused on my upcoming book, Digital and Media Literacy in the Age of the Internet: Practical Classroom Applications.

I always start the year with my freshmen making sure that they have a basic, underlying understanding of how the Internet works. I ask them to explain how the Internet works. Then, we watch some Code.org videos that explain how data travels over the Internet and they re-explain.

Students’ first explanation of how the Internet works.
Their explanation afterwards.

There are many reasons why I believe strongly that young people (and all people) should have a basic understanding of how the Internet works. The infographic below sums up the main reasons. For this reason, the book starts with an explanation of the history of the Internet and how it works so that readers can better understand the chapters that follow.

The next installment will discuss what it means to grow up and live in the “Digital Age.”

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